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Getting Stuck in life’s challenges can be immensely confusing and disempowering.  From master coach Tony Vee:

  • Find out where 96% of people get stuck.
  • See that anyone can decide to step up and enjoy new challenges and overcome difficulties, if they know the path and have the support and tools to do so.

The Finer Families Formula

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Are you struggling in your relationships or simply with self-limitations you are tired of holding you back?  Is family life difficult? Is a child or young person in your family struggling with emotional or behavioural difficulties?  

What is Critical for you to Resolve, right now?

Su Ball coaches children and families to overcome their challenges and live their most fulfilling lives.  If you’re an adult, you have some sort of family, right? Whatever  our connections, they are affected by how well we’re doing. 

She has worked with children and families for 25 years, becoming a family coach and mindfulness teacher following many years as a social worker.  She has seen a huge amount of young people struggling with emotional and behavioural challenges, parents feeling they had exhausted all their parenting skills and family and relationship conflict.

She says:
“All of my experience shows how many families ‘fall through the gap’ and find themselves desperate to effect change and unable to find the support to do so effectively.  I have put together the right knowledge base and toolkit of strategies to help.”

Su Ball developed the Finer Families Formula as a ‘whole family success system’ – helping everyone in the family to address their individual needs and work together. She uses the most up-to-date practice in coaching with mindfulness skills to help young people and adults get out of overwhelm and into true clarity, action and transformation.


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